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Drysuit Annual


Keep your drysuit operating the way it was intended. Annual Servicing includes a leak test, cleaning of the suit, and inspection/testing of the valves.

Leak Test


If you have a leak then a leak test will pinpoint it's exact location. Not required if you can locate the hole for repair, but it's generally recommended to avoid missing a secondary leak.

Dry Suit Patch


Patching a suit. Includes patch material if required, though it's generally recommended to use the patches that came with the suit to retain the flexibility of the fabric. If the original patches aren't available we will happily provide a suitable match.

Dry Suit boots


Installation of a 'turbo-style' boot on any dry suit. Other options include neoprene socks, or heavy duty boots. Please inquire for detailed pricing for these options.

Latex Neck Seal replacement


Replace worn or torn latex neck seal, includes removal of old seal, and replacement with standard tapered neck seal. Pricing available on request for bellowed or other style seals.

Neck Seal Ring installation

From $295

Installation of a neck ring system that allows quick replacement of latex or silicone neck seals. This system allows for DIY seal replacement in as little as 5 minutes and allows the use of silicone seals.

Offboarding Valve installation


Installation of pee valve on any style drysuit. Price includes valve. Please connect with me to discuss options if you have any questions.

Zipper Replacement

From $400

This process and the material required are dependent on the suit to be repaired. Please reach out to discuss your needs for a zipper replacement.

Aquaseal patch


Aquaseal is a great tool for repairing worn areas, adding durability, and stabilizing seams. In some cases this can add durability and extend the life of certain parts of your suit.

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